4 Advantages with Paprtect

In an age where hygiene and sustainability are top priorities for our future, it’s crucial to take the necessary measures to protect customers, visitors, and staff the right way.

Paprtect finger guards are the ultimate solution for keeping public screens and keypads clean, free from harmful bacteria. How so? Let’s delve into four benefits of Paprtect.

1. Health and hygiene

Paprtect shields people using shared screens or keypads from the bacteria and viruses that might be lurking on the surface. Think of it as a protective paper, that’s Paprtect!

2. Economics

By offering Paprtect to your staff, visitors, and customers, you can cut down on the time you currently spend (or should be spending…) cleaning your screens. Plus, supplying Paprtect to your team can reduce sick days during high-virus seasons. Coffee machines, elevator buttons, and other frequently-touched surfaces can be real germ hotspots.

3. Reduced hand sanitizer use

Hand sanitizers are great for cleaning bacteria off your hands. But what happens to the sanitizer remnants when you wash your hands with soap and water next time? They go straight into our ecosystems, where chemicals and microplastics can cause significant harm.

4. Sustainability Angle

Paprtect is all about sustainability. Our dispensers are made from 100% recycled plastic. The paper guards are crafted from compostable paper. So, the paper that protected you from germs gets composted and becomes soil that nourishes the next season’s fruits, berries, and vegetables.

By opting for Paprtect, you’re investing in hygiene, health, and sustainability while showing you care about your customers and our planet. Together, we can build a brighter future.

I want to know more.

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