Our aim is to contribute to a healthier world

Paprtect is a Swedish innovation company that develops hygiene-related products. Our goal is to help people achieve better health by minimizing the spread of germs in the urban environment.

The pandemic has made us all more aware of how important it is to maintain hand hygiene and be considerate when in places with other people. We are careful to sneeze into our elbows and use hand sanitiser. We’ve changed our behaviour, and it’s a change that is here to stay. It should quite simply feel safe and secure when you take a number, sign in on the reception screen, order your food in a restaurant or press the button for coffee. At the same time, we know staff don’t have time to clean the screens all the time, and we can never be sure that the person who used it before us washed and disinfected their hands.

Paprtect develops products that give you that extra security as a user. Our finger covers are an effective, environmental way to offer your guests and customers a good experience.

A Swedish innovation that reduces the risk of spreading germs

Self-service systems with touchscreens have become part of our daily lives when travelling, shopping or eating at a restaurant. They make everything go a bit faster, for both the customer and the service provider. For business owners, touchscreens are a cost-effective way to maintain a high degree of service.

There’s just one problem: Touchscreens are a breeding ground for bacteria, potentially spreading illnesses from one user to the next. Paprtect is an environmentally sound, hygienic finger cover for touchscreens, which can be used in all types of public environments.

A hygienic, environment-friendly cover

When we developed our finger cover, we wanted to find a way to limit germ transmission on touchscreens, coffee machines and payment terminals in public environments. It had to last a long time and be easy to refill, without plastic packaging and containers. At the same time, it had to be easy for users to understand and establish a new habit.

Paprtect is a natural part of your business’s sustainability measures and was developed to meet several of the global goals in Agenda 2030. Our finger covers meet two of the global goals:

  • Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Paprtect is entirely focused on using recycled and recyclable materials. The finger cover itself, the paper, is made from recycled paper. It is compostable and 100% recyclable. After using it, the wearer deposits it in the wastepaper basket that accompanies the dispenser and is ready for composting. The dispenser is made in Sweden from consumer-recycled plastic.

Our purchase options


Our easiest, most convenient way to offer your customers bacteria protection. With our subscription you get a low monthly cost and are making sure your unit is usable by getting paper roll refills on a regular basis.

One time buy

For business owners wanting to buy one or more unit at a time, this is our best option for you. The unit can be accompanied with your choice of bracket and your number of paper rolls – all ready to get you started fast.


We also have multiple retailers providing Paprtect. That gives you the opportunity to purchase your dispenser, rolls and stands through a retailer of your choice. Find them all listed on our Retailer page, linked below.

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