Paprtect welcomes Bumi Bersih Services to advance hygiene in Touchscreen Technology

We are pleased to welcome Bumi Bersih Services to the Paprtect-world. We are very happy that they are part of this journey towards hygienic touchscreens and buttons

Bumi Bersih Services is a leading cleaning company in Malaysia and Singapore that specializes in eco-friendly cleaning. The company’s mission revolves around the concept of “bumi bersih,” which translates to “clean earth” in English.

Bumi Bersih Services care about cleaning the environment using eco-friendly methods, just like us. Together, we’ll make touchscreens and buttons cleaner and safer all around the world.

Paprtect and Bumi Bersih Services are teaming up right away to clean touchscreens and buttons with new methods.

This partnership helps everyone who uses touchscreens, like people, businesses, and industries. We want to keep everyone healthy and safe by keeping touchscreens and buttons clean.

We extend our warmest welcome to Bumi Bersih Services, and we look forward to a long partnership in our shared mission toward a cleaner and safer digital world. Welcome to contact Bumi Bersih Services with your inquire regarding Paprtect products in the Malaysia and Singapore region.

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