Paprtect: A Cost-Effective Solution for Germ-Free Screens

Paprtect is revolutionizing the way we keep screens and frequently touched surfaces in public spaces germ-free. By utilizing Paprtect, the necessity for constant cleaning diminishes, leading to considerable savings. Here’s a breakdown:

Option 1: Frequent Screen Cleaning

Businesses equipped with service desk screens, machines, or other commonly touched surfaces often face the challenge of maintaining cleanliness. Without a solution like Paprtect in place, these surfaces require constant cleaning to prevent bacterial buildup and to maintain their pristine appearance by eliminating fingerprints and smudges.

For a surface to remain clean and safe (with a germ count below 300 RLU*), it needs a thorough wipe with chemicals after every 10-20 users. However, most businesses fall short, averaging fewer than 5 cleanings.

Option 2: Introducing Finger Protection

An innovative solution to reduce the transfer of bacteria and germs from frequently touched surfaces is by offering finger protection to both visitors and staff. To implement this, businesses would need a one-time investment in a Paprtect dispenser. Afterward, the costs are primarily associated with refilling the paper rolls based on usage.

This method demands considerably less attention than the constant screen cleaning approach. One Paprtect roll caters to 2100 applications, drastically outweighing the former option. Furthermore, with 75% of visiting individuals using Paprtect, germ levels remain below 300 RLU* for extended periods, reducing the frequency of cleaning.

Comparing Costs: Option 1 vs. Option 2

While individual screen cleanings under Option 1 might be quicker than changing a roll in Option 2, the latter requires fewer interventions overall. Even if a business opts to clean screens twice daily, the combined personnel cost for this cleaning, along with the materials used, exceeds the expense of the paper roll replacements with Paprtect. It’s important to note that cleaning screens twice a day isn’t nearly frequent enough to maintain the recommended level of cleanliness.

In our fast-paced, hygiene-conscious world, businesses need efficient, cost-effective solutions. Paprtect not only offers an innovative way to protect surfaces but also reduces overheads and maintenance hassles. As we move towards a more sustainable and health-aware future, choices like Paprtect pave the way for smarter, cleaner business operations.

* RLU (Relative Light Units)

RLU is the unit used to measure cleanliness. Using a device that analyzes particles obtained from swabbing a surface, one can determine its RLU value. In essence, RLU quantifies the concentration of bacteria present on a surface. The principle is simple: higher concentrations of bacteria produce more light, resulting in a higher RLU value.


RLU ≤ 150: Approved

RLU 151-300: Doubtful

RLU >300: Disapproved

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