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What is Paprtect?

We are a company with the aim to make the world a more hygienic place. Our product, our flagship is The Paprtect.

Paprtect is an innovative product that with the help of a self adhesive disposable finger protector gives you the opportunity to use public touch screens, buttons and other surfaces touched by many people without interfering with the germs on it.

How does it work?

When pressing your finger into the dispenser you will receive the paper finger protector on it. The paper itself is self adhesive and leaves nothing on your finger. When you are finished using the screen in front of you, you easily poke the finger protector down the trash can. Without the exposure of the germs on the surface.

You won’t be carrying the dispenser around, it will be located near touch surfaces in public environments. You just have to use it to keep you and your near and dear safe and healthy from infections spread through surfaces.

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Informative links and files

In this section we have gathered useful links with information about our product and the issue it solves. Since everything about this product is new to the market and the target groups need to be educated about the issue with germs on touch screens and button these links can be helpful for your content plan.

A non-scientific study from fast food touch screens
Read here >>

A Swedish part of an international study where test about different micro bacteria in cities have been executed
Read here >>

American National Institutes of Health has a free database where you may search for scientic studies and articles within biomedicine and health.

Visit here >>

Content creation guidelines

Below you will find general guidelines for creating content for us.

  • Mark as paid collaboration.
  • If possible: attend locations that has a Paprtect.
  • Find facts about bacteria/infection spread.
  • Use credible sources.
  • Talk about the consequences when being infected of a virus. For example “I could miss that concert/game/party I am attending next weekend” or “I could infect someone near and dear to me that might be at risk”.
  • Use video and photo with high quality.
  • Make sure to record in a well lit environment.

  • Please, do not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs in branded Paprtect content.
  • Do not speak badly about specific companies or locations like “McDonalds close to me is really nasty”.
  • Don’t speak about Covid-19 specifically. While our product is protecting from Covid-19 virus, it also protects from multiple other viruses, and they are all equally important to protect from.
  • Not only speak about the problem (bacteria/germs), instead speak of the consequences from being infected.
  • Do not use inappropriate language.
Paprtect finger covers and a plant

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