Paper Rolls Paprtect Fingercover

Reduce germ transmission via your touchscreens! Paper Rolls Paprtect Fingercover, a hygienic and environment-friendly finger cover for touchscreens.

Touchscreens are a common source of germ transfer in restaurants, shopping centres, food shops, airports, healthcare and other public environments. It is simply not feasible to disinfect the screens after every use, so germs easily spread from one user to another.

Paprtect is an environment-friendly finger cover that improves hygiene and lets your customers feel safer using your touchscreens, while also reducing your employees’ workload. The single-use finger cover is made from 100% recyclable paper and is ideal for use at payment terminals or the office coffee machine.

For a complete solution, you also need a dispenser for the finger covers. Press your finger in the hole (the black marking on the paper) to apply the cover to your finger. Roll of 2,100 finger covers. A total of 8,400 finger covers per package (four rolls).

  • Protects your finger from the germs on the touchscreen
  • A new, convenient way to stay safe – customers and staff will thank you
  • The paper is 100% recyclable
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to replace the roll

System: Paprtect
Material: Recyclable and compostable paper.
Number: 2,100 finger covers per roll. A total of 8,400 finger covers per package (four rolls)
Colour: Natural

For use with:
Dispenser Paprtect Fingercover

Paper Roles Paprtect fingercoverArticle data
Paprtects article numberPPT-007-PR
Country of originGermany
MaterialRecycled paper
Product dimensions110 mm diameter, 59 mm wide
UnitCarton (4 paper rolls)
Minimun order quatity1 pcs
Number of units in the base unit4 pcs
Quantity per outer package1 pcs
Carton length371 mm
Carton width150 mm
Carton height117 mm