Paprtect vs hand sanitizer

Introducing Paprtect: Revolutionizing Hygiene for Touch Screens.
In the realm of public touch screens, maintaining hygiene has become a top priority. Paprtect, the game-changing dispenser system that offers a superior alternative to traditional hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers are commonly found in 600ml containers, with an application rate of 4ml per use (2 pumps). Starting at 4€, a container lasts for around 150 uses. In comparison, Paprtect’s dispenser holds an impressive 8400 sheets, priced at 80€. To achieve the same number of doses as Paprtect, you’d need 56 bottles of hand sanitizer, totaling a hefty 224€.

  • 600ml hand sanitizer, is applied with 4ml (2 pumps). Starting at 4€. One container lasts for 150 uses.
  • Paprtects dispenser contains 8400 sheets, priced at 80€.
  • To obtain 8400 doses of hand sanitizer from 600ml containers, 56 bottles are required, resulting in a cost of 224€.

Not only does Paprtect provide greater value, but it also offers enhanced functionality. Its sheet-based system ensures controlled dosages, minimizing waste. The dispenser is designed for easy installation next to touch screens, offering accessibility and a sleek appearance.

Don’t settle for traditional hand sanitizers. Embrace the future of cleanliness with Paprtect, the ultimate solution for germ-free touch screens. Say goodbye to frequent refills and hello to long-lasting protection. Trust Paprtect for a hygienic touch screen experience like no other.

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Our easiest, most convenient way to offer your customers bacteria protection. With our subscription you get a low monthly cost and are making sure your unit is usable by getting paper roll refills on a regular basis.

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For business owners wanting to buy one or more unit at a time, this is our best option for you. The unit can be accompanied with your choice of bracket and your number of paper rolls – all ready to get you started fast.


We also have multiple retailers providing Paprtect. That gives you the opportunity to purchase your dispenser, rolls and stands through a retailer of your choice. Find them all listed on our Retailer page, linked below.

This is Paprtect

Touchscreens in public places can be home to thousands of bacteria. Every time you use a touchscreen or buttons on a payment terminal, you are touching the germs of hundreds of users before you.