Park Royal COLLECTION Pickering hotel in Singapore

ParkRoyal COLLECTION Pickering advances hygiene initiatives

In the bustling cityscape of Singapore, the illustrious ParkRoyal COLLECTION Pickering is a beacon of eco-conscious luxury hospitality. The hotel is elevating its commitment to ecological and sustainable management, ensuring that guests indulge in luxury while being attuned to environmental stewardship.

ParkRoyal COLLECTION Pickering is globally acclaimed for its distinctive green facade. Amid the constant hum of urban life, the hotel showcases a lush, vertical garden that spans 15,000 square meters, adorned with over fifty diverse plant species. This vibrant green space underscores the hotel’s unwavering focus on sustainability.

In a recent initiative, ParkRoyal COLLECTION Pickering has embraced the incorporation of Paprtect, specifically targeting high-touch surfaces. This aligns seamlessly with the hotel’s ethos of melding luxury with ecological responsibility in every aspect of its service and operations.

Karolina Malmlöv, COO of Paprtect, elaborates:
“- ParkRoyal COLLECTION Pickering’s embrace of Paprtect at its front desks and on other frequently touched surfaces like elevator buttons reaffirms the hotel’s commitment to environmental consciousness. Paprtect is a paradigm of green innovation, offering compostable paper dispensed from a unit made of 100% recycled plastic, marking a significant step above the environmental footprint of conventional screen cleaners and hand sanitizers.”

Since the summer of 2023, ParkRoyal COLLECTION Pickering has fortified its defense against surface bacteria that could potentially lead to infection or illness, ensuring that both staff and guests are safeguarded. If your business is on the lookout for an environmentally friendly hygiene solution, feel free to reach out using the contact form below or by clicking the provided button.

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