Protect yourself and others

Have you heard about a revolutionary product that helps you keep safe from bacteria on touch screens and buttons that many other people also touches? – Hi! This is Paprtect!

We offer official entities and businesses an opportunity to protect their visitors and customers from bacteria through our innovative disposable finger protector. How does it work? Find out more below.

What is Paprtect?

Paprtect is an innovative product that with the help of a self adhesive disposable finger protector gives you the opportunity to use public touch screens, buttons and other surfaces touched by many people without interfering with the germs on it.

You press your finger into the dispenser to receive the paper finger protector on it. The paper itself is self adhesive and leaves nothing on your finger. When you are finished using the screen in front of you, you easily poke the finger protector down the trash can. Without the exposure of the germs on the surface.

Why do I need Paprtect?

You need Paprtect to keep you and people around you safe and sound. The risk of becoming sick after touching a public surface minimizes with the usage of Paprtect.

You won’t be carrying the dispenser around, it will be located near touch surfaces in public environments. You just have to use it to keep you and your near and dear safe and healthy from infections spread through surfaces.

Paprtect finger covers and a plant

Is it really sustainable?

The finger protector is made of paper 100% compostable. The dispenser is made of recycled material. That means that as long as you make sure to throw the finger protector in the intended bin next to the dispenser you can be certain that the paper is being composted. Environment and hygiene friendly.

How do my local entity purchase Paprtect?

Paprtect is used in a wide range of businesses and organizations willing to protect their visitors, customers and employees from germs and viruses on commonly touched surfaces. Paprtect can be purchased either through our web shop or through our affiliated retainers.

I want to know more!

Do you work within an organization that might need Paprtect to protect visitors, customers or employees from the risk of getting sick from the germs on your touch surfaces? See all of our products in our webshop or contact us with your question or inquire.