Touchscreens are here to stay. Use them with a clean conscience!

Protect yourself and others by using Paprtect. The paper finger cover provides you a barrier from germs on public environment touchscreens.

Protect yourself and others

Touchscreens are everywhere. When you press the button for a queue number or enter your code in the payment terminal, you’re touching the germs of hundreds of people before you. The same applies to all types of self-service – from the coffee machine at work to public vending machines. The Paprtect finger cover was developed for use in many contexts: in airports, restaurants, health centres, shopping centres and supermarkets, as well as at the coffee machine at the office or trade show and payment terminals everywhere.

Why do we need hygienic protection for touchscreens?

Did you know that the average person touches their face 18 times an hour? Every time we touch a surface, we risk germ transfer. Not just various viral contagions, but also everyday colds and intestinal diseases. According to the British website Insurancequotes, the touchscreen used to check in at airports is home to more than 250,000 bacteria per square inch. Compare that to a toilet seat at the same airport, which holds an average of 170 bacteria per square inch. Inspections at fast-food restaurants have also found faecal bacteria on the touchscreens (source: Metro).

Revolutionizing hygiene for touch screens

In the realm of public touch screens, maintaining hygiene has become crucial. Introducing Paprtect, a game-changing dispenser system that offers a superior alternative to traditional hand sanitizers. With an impressive capacity and cost-efficient design, Paprtect ensures controlled dosages, accessibility, and long-lasting protection. Say goodbye to frequent refills and embrace the future of cleanliness.

The innovation

Paprtect is an innovative product keeping you safe from the germs at public environment surfaces.

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