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The clean revolution

For improved hygiene

For visitors or guests. A store or restaurant wants to enhance safety and hygiene in a simple way in their operation.

Healthier staff

For staff. In a store where staff often assist customers at the same touchscreen or in an office at the coffee machine, Paprtect is used to reduce the number of sick

A greener alternative

For increased sustainability. Some of our customers currently use Paprtect to reduce their use of chemicals.

Product data

By clicking on each product you get detailed information about each individual product, data and while applicable: downloads. Find out what bracket that are best suitable solution for your customer, warranty times and material information.

Paprtect Fingercover

Paper Rolls
Paprtect Fingercover

Table backet for dispenser
Paprtect Fingercover

Wall bracket for dispenser
Paprtect Fingercover

Pole bracket for dispenser
Paprtect Fingercover

Bracket right for dispenser
Paprtect Fingercover

Bracket left for dispenser
Paprtect Fingercover

How it works

How the dispenser worksIf the paper feeds stopsReplacing the paper roll

Our dispenser was designed for ease of use for both you as the shop owner and your customers. The paper roll includes 2,100 finger covers. After easily installing it in the desired position, all you need is an electrical connection or four C batteries to offer your customers a hygienic and environment-friendly way to keep germs away.

If a finger cover doesn’t feed correctly in the dispenser, you can use a pen to feed out a new one.

When the roll of finger covers runs out, it is easy for the staff to replace it. This video shows you how to do it step by step. If you need to order more finger covers, contact your retailer.

Documents and downloads

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