5 Myths about Paprtect

Paprtect’s finger protectors are revolutionary and safeguard people from bacteria and infections on public surfaces. However, there are several myths and misconceptions about the product. Join us as we debunk five myths about Paprtect.

Myth 1: Paprtect is a waste of paper resources

No! While Paprtect’s finger protectors are indeed made of paper, they are also 100% compostable. So all you need to do as a user is throw the protector in the right bin to ensure it’s composted.

Myth 2: You can’t use Paprtect if you have long nails

Guess what? You actually can. Some of our regular users have longer nails and manage perfectly without puncturing the paper protector. It’s just about applying the paper a bit more gently than if you have shorter nails.

Myth 3: Exposure to bacteria is good for the immune system – therefore, Paprtect is unnecessary

Yes and no… While research has shown that humans can boost our immune systems by being exposed to certain types of bacteria, viruses like the calicivirus, which causes stomach flu, constantly change. Hence, it’s very challenging to develop any form of tolerance against it. Moreover, this is a type of virus that survives on surfaces, like public screens and buttons, for up to two weeks! So, if you want to protect yourself from surfaces that can make you sick, use Paprtect.

Myth 4: Touchscreens become harder to use with a paper layer between the finger and the screen

Absolutely not. In fact, the smooth surface of the paper often works better on the touchscreen than fingers do. Fingers don’t make 100% contact with the surface, while the paper does.

Myth 5: You still get bacteria on your fingers when you remove the protector to throw it away

No, not if you do it the right way when disposing of the protector. You should pull off the protector from the inside and avoid touching the side that has been in contact with public surfaces. By doing this, you’ll avoid getting bacteria on your other fingers and can be sure to protect yourself from, for example, contact infections and bacteria on surfaces.

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