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Wallbracket for Dispenser Paprtect

Reduce germ transmission via your touchscreens! Wall Bracket for Dispenser Papretct Fingercover.

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Touchscreens are a common source of germ transfer in restaurants, shopping centres, food shops, airports, healthcare and other public environments. It is simply not feasible to disinfect the screens after every use, so germs easily spread from one user to another.

Paprtect is an environment-friendly finger cover that improves hygiene and lets your customers feel safer using your touchscreens, while also reducing your employees’ workload. The single-use finger cover is made from 100% recyclable paper and is ideal for use at payment terminals or the office coffee machine.

For mounting the Dispenser Paprtect Fingercover on the wall next to the touchscreen. A screw attachment is included in the package. The screw attachment consists of four wood screws that you use to attach the mount to the wall and four screws to attach the dispenser to the mount. See the installation instructions below, at paprtect.com  or consult the manual included with the dispenser.

  • Identify a suitable location for the mount and mark out the four holes with a pencil
  • You may need to use wall plugs depending on what the wall is made of. Attach the mount with four screws. For plaster walls, use a suitable expanding anchor (not included).
  • Attach the dispenser to the mount with four screws
  • Insert the power cord under the dispenser or use batteries (battery cover is on the front of the dispenser).

For use with

  • Dispenser Paprtect Fingercover

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Product dimensions

138 x 80 x 63 mm



Minimun order quantity

1 pcs

Number of units in the base unit

1 pcs

Quantity per outer package

1 pcs

Carton length

168 mm

Carton width

95 mm

Carton height

69 mm

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