We reduce the risk of spreading germs in public environments

Touchscreens in public places can be home to thousands of bacteria. Every time you use a touchscreen or buttons on a payment terminal, you are touching the germs of hundreds of users before you.

The story Paprtect

Paprtect is an environment-friendly finger cover that helps you protect yourself and others. Adopting this one simple habit starts a positive chain reaction and contributes to a healthier world. Paprtect will be launched in August 2022.

Easy for users and staff

The concept behind Paprtect’s finger protectors is to make it easy and natural for users, while ensuring that the system is easy to refill and maintenance-free for the business owner.

Our hygiene products are sold
through your usual channels

We at Paprtect have many years of experience of products and services for restaurants, commerce and public environments. That’s why everything – from the product’s design to logistics – was adapted to fit into the customers’ everyday business flows and ordering routines. Paprtect will be launched in August 2022.